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Cookies Policy - eSport Shop

Cookies Policy

Visiting the eSport Shop with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies tells us that you want to use eSport Shop products and services and that you accept to our use of cookies and other technologies to provide them to you as described in this notice and in our Privacy Policy. 

The usage of cookies is aimed at personalizing the content you see, recording traffic details that may help us improve the website and allowing interaction (including commenting) via the social networks, respectively.

According to the Romanian law on e-privacy OUG No. 13/2012, users who do not wish the access of the third parties to the data (cookies) stored on their computer may use the browser settings for deleting or blocking those cookies. In order to help you, we are presenting how to configure the three main browsers currently available:

Cookies are unique identifiers that we transfer to your device to enable our systems to provide you with product recommendations, display personalised content, recognise you as a registered member, among other customised features and services we provide.

Last update: 11.07.2014